Launching a product, need a package design?

With over 8 years of industry experience in consumer packaged goods, most importantly, we are proud to offer agency caliber design without the price tag! A retainer is perfect for your custom graphic design needs.

Need help with product brainstorming?

Stolen Panda has 8 years of immersion in design and product creation, we offer assistance with designing, innovating, and conceptualizing products. It is part of our core philosophy! See the FAQ’s below for details!

Do you have a concept you want to bring to life?

We love bringing ideas to life! Maybe you have a social media ad you’d really like to run, or a promotional piece you’ve always wanted to offer. We can help that dream become a reality!

Need marketing material?

We offer a variety of marketing material design support. This can be anything from a sales sheet – a snapshot of product offerings with pricing, to full-on prospecting presentations for a potential or existing client.

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Frequently asked questions

A retainer for custom graphic design services secures 40 hours of work for the agreed upon month. You can start any day during the month. Our minimum booking is one month at a time, however we can accommodate multiple monthly periods for a truly customized experience. If more hours are required in any given month, an hourly rate of $60 per hour is applicable.

There is a limit of 4 retainer client spots during a one month period. This allows for 40 hours per week per client. If you have a reoccurring project or consistent overflow needs, the retainer for custom graphic design is a perfect option. Stolen Panda will always work with you to create the perfect retainer for your custom graphic design needs.

Are there restrictions on my hours?

All 40 hours do not have to be used in one given week. Although it is preferred, we understand that the business world is forever evolving and changing. We like to be nimble to adapt with your needs.

How do you track your hours?

Hours are tracked for each design request and if needed can be shared from start to finish for any and all design requests. This can be discussed on an individual basis to determine what is best suited for you, for example, either daily time summaries or task based time summaries can be sent as needed. Harvest is the platform we use for tracking hours and submitting invoices.

How much is the retainer?

It is best to contact us for pricing for a retainer for custom graphic design. Each business has different needs and we want to work with you as best as possible to meet important budget considerations. The retainer secures 40 hours of work for the agreed upon period. At Stolen Panda, we understand the need for flexibility so we can start as soon as you need. We are also happy to take future bookings for those who like to plan in advance! Contact us for more information or any questions! We are happy to find the perfect solution.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed on the first of every month, regardless of the start date. This keeps it simple!

What forms of payment do you offer?

Stripe and PayPal let you pay for invoices in just a few seconds. Email money transfers are also accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

No hassle cancellation! You can cancel at any time and you will only be charged for the current month.  

What are the projects you DON’T do?

Product sourcing request, Web programming, javascript, email design, jQuery – the things better left for a web developer. You will always be informed if it is not a request within our capabilities. Depending on the complexity, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can complete your request

Stolen Panda offers a variety of design services for both print and digital needs. We encourage you to get in touch with us about any project you may have in mind! Common projects are product packaging, merchandise design, landing pages, sales sheets, marketing materials and more! Our portfolio page displays some of our past work.

We are experts in:

  • Packaging
  • All things print; business cards, stationary, flyers, brochures, etc.
  • Product brainstorming
  • Apparel/Textile Graphics
  • Prospecting presentations
  • Retail signage
  • POP Display graphics
  • UI Design
  • Social Media Advertisement

At Stolen Panda, we pride ourselves on being lean and nimble. Most requests are returned within 24-48 hours. 

We never rush a project and strongly believe in quality design over quantity of design. A timeline will always be discussed upfront so that everyone has the same understanding. The more complex the design request, the more hours needed. Stolen Panda is happy to work with you to make sure no deadline is ever missed!

Yes! You will receive all the necessary final files. If it is a project for print, you will receive print ready files for your printer. If a digital project, you will receive all the final files needed for the final output.

We don’t bite – despite our bamboo munching mascot. We understand mistakes happen, if you misplace your files we will be happy to provide you with a backup copy.

We completely understand! Stolen Panda supports businesses of all sizes, it is one of the reasons we founded the company. As an alternative to a retainer, we also offer an hourly rate. Check out our custom graphic design service for more information.

Do you have a question? We would be happy to help. Contact us