Welcome, here you will find a glimpse into the graphic design portfolio of stolen panda.

Alpena + Walmart USA

Aftermarket automotive LEDs

Walmart USA in the Consumer Packaged Goods space can be the “Jackpot” so to speak. The volume of foot traffic typically leads to large sales volumes. As a graphic designer, I provided creative direction and designed all 40 items including installation manuals, for an 8 ft retail shelf space .This helped secure Alpena the largest piece of business in company history.

After working with consumer packaged goods for 8 years, I have experience with packaging items for some of the largest retailers in the world.

Alpena + Canadian Tire

LED bulbz

Landing the Canadian Tire LED Bulb business was a big milestone for Alpena. I was tasked with creating and branding a line of after-market LED Bulbs. This later led to winning 12 ft of Planogram space within Canadian Tire stores.

We are no stranger to the retail market. We love to learn about consumer trends and habits along with how the consumer thinks. Stolen Panda prides ourselves on thoughtful design.

Alpena + Costco

Luxe seat covers

This item was selected as one of the introductory items into Costco. It’s success determined future business. Costco was looking to replace their current supplier’s heated seat cover for Canada.

Stolen Panda understands every product has different needs. Some are more technical than others, like a heated seat cover which requires multiple government mandated warnings. At Stolen Panda, we take regulations very seriously and understand navigating various legal requirements. Our retainer is a great option for those looking for assistance with overflow graphic design work!


Alpena LED app

One of my first projects at Alpena was to re-skin their existing Alpena LED App. The main challenge of this project was being confined to existing programming. I could not change the location of any existing buttons or features.

After 8 years of industry experience, we understand projects have their limitations. In fact, sometimes those limitations help keep us focused on the main message. Stolen Panda is happy to offer our perspective on any existing project! Check out our retainer or custom graphic design services for more information!

Alpena + Aqualitz

Alpena and aqualitz sell sheets

Sell sheets are a great way to quickly get information in front of your busy buyer. They serve as a great information sheet with the ability to describe a product and include details such as pricing and lead times.

At Stolen Panda, we understand all business needs are different. We understand that everyone absorbs information in a different way. Stolen Panda is happy to work with you through our custom graphic design services to craft the perfect sales package! Check out our services for more information.

Orchard + Caboodles

Active and lifestyle collections

Caboodles is a nostalgic brand for many women. Originally inspired by fishing tackle boxes, this classic brand was looking to change things up in a big way. Working alongside a team of talented individuals, I was tasked with rendering out the concepts for the client to approve and roll into production. This was a huge project with the Active collection being endorsed by USA Gymnast Simone Biles. The initial order was $2.5 million with additional orders valued at $7 million.

At Stolen Panda, we understand the need for accurate and thoughtful design. Timing is a fickle thing, we understand sometimes timelines don’t allow for proper sampling. Stolen Panda always strives to provide accurate renderings to ensure no surprises from start to finish!

Orchard + Boathouse

Girls and guys fragrance

Boathouse was looking to launch a line of men and women’s fragrance. The fragrances were divided into Melissa & Marley and Sun Kissed Harlow, catering to the female demographic with Kolby Attitude and Cromwell Black, catering to the male demographic. There was a display required for two of the fragrances. The renderings were provided to the client and approvals were made with no samples required, reducing potential costly sampling fees!

Stolen Panda is proud to offer our industry experience to all sizes of business and requests! At our core, we love design! We are happy to assist with any of your project needs. Contact us for more information!

Orchard + Bloomingdales

Prospecting package

During my work at Orchard Custom Beauty, I was tasked with creating various prospecting decks to generate interest in potential clients. This particular deck was geared towards Bloomingdale’s in hopes to generate interest in textile offerings. Afterward, this deck serves as a great office reception area booklet or mini trend presentation to pitch to alternative clients!

At Stolen Panda, we love working with our clients to create a customized experience. We understand every business has different needs. Stolen Panda offers custom graphic design services, or depending on the scale of work, our retainer  guarantees you 40 hours of custom graphic design a month! Check out our services for more information.

Thanks to Design Rush for featuring us on their Graphic Design Page